Amazon Exec Fleeced Out Of $165k By Fake Tom Petty Agency

    Even the losers get lucky sometimes apparently. In 2010, Amazon exec Brian Valentine proposed to his then-girlfriend, fellow Amazon exec Gianna Puerini, at a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert and figured why not have the rock vet perform a couple of songs at their wedding, since after all, that’s where the magic happened.

    Unfortunately for Valentine, when he tried to book the band, he ended up going through a fake firm called Lund Live and lost a $165,000 deposit he mistakenly gave to the fraudulent agency.

    After he contacted Petty’s management to follow up and ultimately discovering out he was defrauded, Valentine succeeded in the end by getting the band to perform a full set at the wedding. Better yet, the FBI arrested the guy who defrauded him, so the story has a happy ending and goes to show that deep pockets can you get anywhere in this world.