Amanda Palmer Wants Your Money

    It seems like every time we turn around Amanda Palmer is making news.  Whether it’s crashing Conor Oberst’s set at a UK festival, getting her foot caught under a car in Belfast, writing songs called “Please Drop Me” to her record company, or posting nude pictures of herself on the internet, it’s safe to say the cabaret-pop songstress isn’t shy about expressing her opinions. So it comes as no surprise Palmer weighs in on the changing economics of being an artist.


    In her blog post entitled, “Why I Am Not Afraid to Take Your Money, by Amanda Fucking Palmer,” she defends her unfettered approach to collecting cash from fans. “I spent years gradually building up a tolerance to the inbuilt shame that society puts on laying your hat/tipjar on the ground and asking for the public to support your art.” Palmer goes on to say, “If you think I’m going to pass up a chance to put my hat back down in front on the collected audience on my virtual sidewalk and ask them to give their hard-earned money directly to me instead of to Roadrunner Records, Warner Music Group, Ticketmaster, and everyone else out there who’s been shamelessly raping both fan and artist for years, you’re crazy.” Her well reasoned argument comes in response to suggestions that disclosing her earnings from a recent webcast might be in poor form. Read Palmer’s blog post in its entirety here. [Via: The Daily Swarm]