Amanda Palmer Raises Nearly $400,000 In 48 Hours, Crushes Kickstarter Music Record

    It was already impressive yesterday when Amanda Palmer absolutely killed her goal of raising $100,000 to release her new album and accompany projects. But now, after only being active for about two days, the songwriter’s Kickstarter campaign has achieved almost four times that. Palmer now holds the music fundraising record for the fan-assisted platform, blowing away rock band Five Iron Frenzy, who previously raised $207,980.

    At the time of this post (and with 29 days left in her campaign), the Dresden Doll has raised $392,303. No wonder that music projects are the second most funded on Kickstarter. [Hypebot]

    Update: Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter campaign has now raised $538,405 with 26 days left to go.