Amanda Palmer Offers Radiohead Ukulele Cover EP for $0.84

    It’s safe to say that Amanda Palmer isn’t the most accessible musician around these days. As talented as she is challenging, Ms. Palmer isn’t afraid to attempt and push us out of the comfort of our indie-comfort zone. Her former troupe Dresden Dolls performed decadent, highly-sexual cabaret sets while her solo work has been layered in controversy ranging from disputes with her label to songs about rape and abortion. Oh and she also often refers to herself as Amanda Fucking Palmer.


    So at the is point it should come as not much of a surprise that Ms. Palmer announced recently that she would be releasing a cover EP of Radiohead songs played on the ukulele. Want to hear the EP? Well, now you can for the low-price of $ 0.84 which can probably be found in the cushions your sitting on right now. Offered over at Bandcamp, the price is enough to cover royalties and PayPal fees which means Palmer isn’t earning a cent for it. If you are willing to spend a bit more, Palmer is also offering hard copies of the album, six of which will come with a hand-painted ukulele, a personal Skype call from Ms. Palmer or a recording of Palmer singing a haiku written by you.




    Did we say Amanda Palmer was kind of awesomely weird, yet?