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Amanda Palmer Makes $15,000 In Three Minutes From Radiohead Ukulele EP

A few days ago Amanda Palmer announced that she was releasing an EP of Radiohead songs played on the Ukulele, which would be available in a variety of formats. Among those included a cheap $0.84 digital download, limited edition vinyl copies, and an In Rainbows-esque pay-what-you-want deal.


Everyone knows no one is making any money from recorded music at the present time, but it appears Palmer may have stumbled on a goldmine with this ruse. According to TechDirt, the singer made $15,000 in the first three minutes of the EP going on sale, causing “sold out” signs to quickly appear in her online store.


Palmer was recently dropped from her label, and it seems like she’s immediately turned around and shown the finger to the archaic mechanisms of the industry. Labels? Who needs ‘em? Anyone longing to hear the EP can still snag the download for that knock-down price by heading over here.


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Amanda Palmer

wow, that's impressive. props to her for showing the big record execs how it's done.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/michellegeslani/dsc_1022jpg.JPG michellegeslani

Amanda Palmer is a lying Scientologist. Who could believe this rubbish that she sold out her crappy album? Palmer is a jerk.


Amanda Palmer was dropped from her record contract and now she's picking on poor radiohead. The money figure is a lie. Guess what Palmer? The old Tori Amos trick of doing a cover song of a popular band won't work, because you STINK! You can't sing or play, you are a crap musician! Go away!!!!


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