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Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman Announce Palest Engagement In Recent History

In an interview with Prefix, Amanda Palmer implied that she and noted author Neil Gaiman had hooked up in a quite a few ways that would never occur to less artistic types. Hopefully she's got that out of her system, because the following was posted on both parties' websites: 


Friday, January 15, 2010

Telling the World: An Official Announcement

Dear The World,

we are going to get married,


Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

Gone are the days of romantic wooing. Now it's going to be dinners in with the Elfmans, getting up Saturday to paint the windows spooky colors, and trying to corral a posse of emo-children wearing left over Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pajamas. May the both of them enjoy their wedded bliss. [The Daily Swarm]

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Amanda Palmer

RE: Prefix headline battle.

Dont sleep on burr

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Al/batmulletjpg.jpg Al

Ha. Definitely.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

Gaiman and Palmer are Clams! Scientologists are like Moonies, they make weird contracts with each other, which they can later "re-up" or dissolve as Nicole Kidman and Cruise did. This engagement is just as phony as these two idiots.


Gaiman and Palmer are narcissistic idiots who seem to take a photographer to catch every “intimate” moment. This, more than anything makes me think they are Scienos.


Palmer and Gaiman are sick racists.


Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are so "in love," they make sure there's a verbal description or a photographer snapping a picture of every "intimate" moment.

Break-up with innocent drummer boyfriend selfishly exploited on AFP's blog? Check!

Publicity campaign of Neil and Amanda posed together cooking in a fake kitchen, as farmer and wife, in a bathtub, on a roof, making a tossed together film, on stage together, in a poster, in doll form, etc, ad nauseum (all within 6 months) released while their ex's try to figure out WTF's happening? Check!!!!

Naked sharpie pics of Palmer sexted to Gaiman released on the internet? Check!

Engagement with a sharpie? Check! (Yeah! There's a photographer there, strangely!)

Engagement breakfast? Check! (I think the photographer sleeps with them).

Hairy, naked strip show on the ONLY red carpet these morons will ever see? Check!

Pictures of bathroom at the awards show? Check! (classy)

Boring description of upper level seating at Oscars (where the tag-along writer of optioned material Gaiman was seated so he wouldn't bother anyone) while twittering? Check!

Mock Marriage ceremony on the street? Check!

Scientology mock wedding ceremony at Chabon's house! Check!

Sex life of your fiancee detailed in Spin article? Check!

Fiancee having private break down moment about doomed career detailed in Spin article?

Check and publish!

The only aspect of their relationship they've edited was the disgusting Cabaret artwork of Gaiman giving Palmer head. Maybe at their annual Scientology board meeting, er, I mean intimate talk they decided to keep that one all to themselves.

Randall Flagg

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