Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman Announce Palest Engagement In Recent History

    In an interview with Prefix, Amanda Palmer implied that she and noted author Neil Gaiman had hooked up in a quite a few ways that would never occur to less artistic types. Hopefully she’s got that out of her system, because the following was posted on both parties’ websites: 


    Friday, January 15, 2010

    Telling the World: An Official Announcement

    Dear The World,

    we are going to get married,


    Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

    Gone are the days of romantic wooing. Now it’s going to be dinners in with the Elfmans, getting up Saturday to paint the windows spooky colors, and trying to corral a posse of emo-children wearing left over Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pajamas. May the both of them enjoy their wedded bliss. [The Daily Swarm]