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Amanda Blank to Say <i>I Love You</i> in July

Is it just me, or does it seem like there's an excess of female MCs who've been around for enough time that they're nearing the "initial hype to album release" statute of limitations? Philadelphia's Amanda Blank, at least, seems aware of this problem, and has set a release date for her debut album, I Love You.


Absolutely no surprise to anyone, the album will feature production from Diplo, Switch, and XXXChange. Slightly more of a surprise, the album will feature guest spots from Santigold, Lykke Li, The Cool Kids, and Spank Rock. If you want to hear any of these new tracks, your best bet would probably be to catch Blank perform three times this week at the ridonk cornucopia of music that is SXSW.


I Love You is due out on Downtown Records July 14.

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Amanda Blank

Looking forward to this.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

she told me like two years ago that she wanted to make a cat power album. hope this isn't that. Bets on this not coming out in July?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/joydivided/charly.jpg joydivided

I heard Depeche Mode

jon jon

yeah, i'd be shocked if it actually came out in July

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Im really excited to hear about her album release! I'm new to Amanda Blank, i discoverd her while looking for a release date to Uffies album release (Uffie: another electronic female rapper) because Amanda BLank is suppose to make an apperance on it! Looking forward to both!


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