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MP3: Bangers & Cash "Loose" ft. Amanda Blank

In the third installment of Bangers & Cash (a.k.a. Spank Rock and Benny Blanco) weekly Myspace track giveaway, the duo bring you "Loose." Amanda Blank brings additional swagger on the track much as she did on "Bump," although this track doesn't seem to reach the same heights although this could be a different story in a live setting. Message to the kids, don't play this song in front of mom and dad.
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Amanda Blank
Bangers & Cash
Spank Rock

The 2 Live Crew flashbacks are making me feel sorry for kids that they have no physical cassette to hide somewhere. Setting up a fake folder on the desktop just doesn't have the same romance...

Jeff Klingman

does anybody know if amanda blank has her own album out? I've been looking but haven't found anything.


YO! I'm M.C. Too Tall.

M.C. Too Tall

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