Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy talks about Zeppelin try-out

    Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge was most often brought up as the possible replacement for Robert Plant in the Led Zeppelin reunion tour (which for the moment is off), and while the rumor mill turned, no one got a hold of Kennedy for his thoughts on the matter. Now that the tour isn’t going to happen, Kennedy is talking, saying he was grateful for the opportunity to rehearse with the band.

    "I am not singing in Led Zeppelin or any offshoot of Led Zeppelin," Kennedy told Blabbermouth. "But I did have a great opportunity and it was something that I’m very grateful for. Alter Bridge will go on, and that’s that. [The audition was] surreal. It was great. I’ll tell that story some day. But for now, it was a good experience, and I’m still pinching myself, let’s put it that way."

    I’m sure no one was wating with bated breath for that announcement about Alter Bridge, but I’m betting Kennedy knows he could have just made more money, had more fame, and toured with LED ZEPPELIN, hadn’t things fallen apart, and he’d forget all about Alter Bridge (we all have) if Page told him to. [NME]