Alt-J Call Radiohead Comparisons “Premature”

    It seems every few years you hear an up-and-coming band labeled as “the new” whatever band is big now. For the new band, those expectations are an unnecessary burden on what people can expect from them. Add Alt-J to the list of bands that have been saddled with that label, however their response gives some insight to how they’ll handle this pressure.

    The band has dismissed descriptions of them as the “new Radiohead,” calling them premature. In an interview with British newspaper the Independent (via NME), singer Joe Newman dismissed the labeling and says that it puts an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the band.

    “Radiohead have had an amazing career and we’ve only just done our first album,” he said. “We don’t ever want to find ourselves writing an album that we don’t feel comfortable with.”

    While many would be excited to be compared to Radiohead, Alt-J is going to let their music do the talking and whatever happens, they’ll be just fine with it. Keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton puts it best when he says:

    “Some of the greatest people in music have been pretentious, and isn’t that what being in a band is all about. Plus we’re writing songs about what we think – that’s pretty pretentious.”