Alley Boy Claims He Didn’t Diss Jeezy And T.I. On “I Want It”

    Given the fact that Alley Boy isn’t known for much more outside of his feature alongside Freddie Gibbs and K.R.I.T. on “Rob Me A N*gga,” his recent diss against T.I. and Jeezy on the track “I Want In” from his Nigganati mixtape mostly went unnoticed in the mainstream picture, so it’s fair to say that his recent claim that it wasn’t a diss will also go unnoticed.

    Here’s what Alley Boy said in an interview with Fader:

    “I’m not dissing them,” he said. “I’m a street motherfucker. But we’re all rappers at the end of the day, so I’m just exercising the sport. It’s just me, freedom of speech. There’s a lot of fake shit going on in Atlanta. People put up a persona. For example, Jeezy says he’s the realest nigga in it. That slaps a lot of niggas in the face who feel like they real. Or T.I. being like, I’m the King of the South. Look at all the forefathers we had before him, like Scarface, 8Ball & MJG. That’s like a slap in their face, too. I’m just expressing how I feel and separating myself from everything else in Atlanta.”

    “‘I Want In’ isn’t about hating on the music. This is on some street shit. I’m not talking about the industry, I’m not talking about music. I don’t give a fuck. I might lose the support of people who don’t know me—they’ve got millions of fans. But I’m in a position where I don’t got shit to lose.”

    Apparently, “exercising the sport” isn’t a diss. Here’s “I Want In” so you can decide for youself: