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All Tomorrow's Parties NY Adds Iron and Wine, Deerhunter, Boss Hog, More

What, Animal Collective, The Melvins, Suicide, The Feelies, and The Flaming Lips weren't enough for you? Jeez, some people are hard to please. Okay, what if we told you that in addition to the astounding lineup that's already in place for this year's ATP NY, new additions to the schedule include Iron and Wine on Friday, Deerhunter and Boss Hog on Saturday, and (sharp intake of breath) Boredoms, No Age, Caribou, and Deerhoof on Sunday, among others? Would that pique your interest, fussypants?


Thought so. And what if you were further informed that the Boredoms will be performing their nine-drummer BOREDRUM piece, No Age will be playing a set of Husker Du material, and that Caribou will be expanding itself into the Caribou Vibration Ensemble, which includes a horn section, four drummers, a freakin' choir, and guests like Four Tet's Kieran Hebden, among others? Oh, so now you want details, eh? Well, it's the same location as last year, Kutshers in Monticello, NY, the weekend of September 11-13. Start making your carpooling plans.


The full line-up so far with new additions in bold...

The Jesus Lizard
Iron and Wine
Don't Look Back: Dirty Three Performing ‘Ocean Songs'
Don't Look Back: Suicide Performing First LP
Don't Look Back: The Feelies Performing ‘Crazy Rhythms'
Don't Look Back: The Drones  Performing ‘Wait Long By The River'
Comedy Stage -Hosted and curated by David Cross

Saturday: curated by ATP

Animal Collective
Panda Bear
Boss Hog
Dead Meadow
Anti-Pop Consortium
Atlas Sound
Akron Family
Sleepy Sun

Sunday: curated by The Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips
Boredoms perform 9 drummer BOREDRUM
No Age perform Husker Du
Caribou perform as Caribou Vibration Ensemble
Stardeath and White Dwarf
Deerhoof with Martha Colburn

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Boss Hog
Iron and Wine
No Age

Sigh... so far away from me.

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