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All-Star Cast of Chameleons, Cocteau Twins, and more on Alfred John Album

You may not know Alfred John's name yet, but judging from the guest list that's reported to be working on the Florida-based artist's upcoming album City Of Rooms, there are plenty of important people who do. It was already impressive enough to discover that City of Rooms was being produced by Andrew Prinz, spearhead of New York newgaze heroes Mahogany, a newsworthy enough development in and of itself, but when we heard about the additional assemblage of talent that's being put together to contribute to the album, it became impossible to keep our enthusiasm to ourselves. It turns out that City of Rooms, which is in the works as we speak, is also expected to include contributions from Mark Burgess, frontman for Manchester post-punk legends The Chameleons, and erstwhile Cocteau Twins multi-instrumentalist Robin Guthrie. 


Part of the rationale behind such august personages showing up on an album by an under-the-radar artist like John may be that it makes good sonic sense, seeing as how his previous releases like Memories of An Echo have clearly been influenced by the sounds coming out of England in the '80s. But then again, it may have just as much to do with that old adage about water seeking its own level, and long-established artists recognizing the aesthetic merits of an up-and-comer like John. "It's a premier line-up talent, without question" says John, "They have been major influences in my own style...I'm honored to be working with them." And while there's not a set-in-stone release date for City of Rooms yet, you can experience some of those aforementioned aesthetic merits for yourself in the meantime by visiting John's website

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Alfred John
Cocteau Twins
The Chameleons

This is a worth while project to hear about.. I think the first album from John was a success and made the electronica and new-age charts it's first go around. Andrew Prinz is going to make a big difference producing this guys sound. Good to see the talent come together.

Kevin Follwers

What a cool line up. I'm impressed with Andrew Prinz pulling this group of people together. I'm a fan of all these bands. It is good to see some of the Icons embrace a new comer like Alfred John. Obviously these guys aren't self centered and stuck on them selves to lend a hand to a new artist with some potential. Very cool to see!

Logan Dowd

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