All manner of musical madness breaks out on Colbert

    Anyone out holiday partying/shopping/whatevering last night missed perhaps the most surreal TV moment of the year. ‘Twas the long-awaited face-off between Stephen Colbert and the Decemberists, originally stemming from Colbert claiming the band stole his idea of a fan-driven green-screen video contest. Well, not only did Decemberist guitarist Chris Funk show up to take on Colbert in a guitar solo-off, but a whole bevy of other notables appeared also. Who were they? Apples in Stereo headman Robert Schneider, Peter Frampton, Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, Rolling Stone critic Anthony DeCurtis, New York Governer-Elect Elliot Spitzer, 60 Minutes‘ Morley Safer, and even, via sattelite, that crazy little troll Henry Kissinger. It’s official: the apocalypse is on its way. Head over to the show’s website for video footage of all the insanity.