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Alison Krauss/Robert Plant: "later for Led Zep!"

Look, how bad did you really want that Led Zeppelin reunion tour anyway? A bunch of paunchy sixtysomethings stomping around the stage partying like it's 1973 in a futile attempt to relive their arena-rock glory? How could it be anything but a letdown? And think hard: do you really want to see a shirtless Robert Plant at this point in time?


So, Plant and his new duet partner Alison Krauss's statement that their classy country-rock partnership is planned to continue past their recent album Raising Sand and current tour should be taken as good news, not an impediment to your classic-rock fantasies.  Besides, Krauss' statement doesn't entirely slam the door on any other possibilities for either half of the duo. "That doesn't mean we've lost any love for who we've played for and play with," she said. "The guys in Union Station, that's like home. So I hope to continue this and go back home, too." So, is it cynical of us to wonder whether they'd be as eager to keep the train rolling if they didn't have a platinum album and a sold-out tour on their hands? Just asking...

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