Alicia Keys hearts the White Stripes

    R&B songstress Alicia Keys has revealed she would love to work with Jack and Meg White. Keys reportedly tried to get the two to put in guest appearances on her upcoming album, As I Am, due out in November. While the two acts’ different schedules meant they couldn’t hook anything up this time, Keys is still hoping to get the White Stripes in the studio with her next time she records. I’d personally love to see what Keys and the Stripes could cook up for a look. Her piano earrings and half-straight/half-cornrowed hair, their two-tone patterns. Could make for some interesting sights.
    Anyhoo, who did Keys get to help on As I Am? Errr…John Mayer and Linda Perry. Not as exciting as Jack and Meg. Or Queens of the Stone Age, another rock band Keys says she would love to work with. Oh well, there’s always next time.
    Alicia Keys is ‘dying to work with’ the White Stripes (Yahoo)