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Alice Cooper Disses Vampire Weekend

Alice Cooper, having worn eyeliner onstage for decades now, remembers when bands used to rock. I'm sorry, when bands used to rawk. Occasionally, grandpa Cooper stops whittling in the toolshed long enough to walk outside and hear some new music. These were the thoughts he expressed to when he heard Vampire Weekend.


I do get a little annoyed that it seems like a lot of bands that come out now that I read, "The greatest band that I've ever heard." And I see them and I go, "There's absolutely no testosterone in this band." I heard the title Vampire Weekend and I thought, "Oh, man, that's gonna be great. I gotta see it." And there are these guys with little Gap T-shirts on and they're singing about I don't know what, it was so light I couldn't listen to it. And I'm going, "What happened to the balls in rock 'n' roll? Why are American bands so wimpy?"

I'm getting a lot of bands that are kind of going, "Oh, the summer in the rain and aren't lightning bugs wonderful?" And I'm going, "What kind of drug are you on?" I think if you asked Ozzy, Iggy and all the other people that come from our generation, we're kind of hoping the young guys step it up a little bit when it comes to being guys.

How disappointed Alice Cooper must've been when he saw Vampire Weekend and realized that their live show invoves no eyeliner, no leathern wings, no bloodspitting, their music no face-melting solos. Essentially, Cooper just prefers more cock in his rock. Please, no one tell him about twee; he'll probably have an aneurysm.
















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Alice Cooper
Vampire Weekend

Maybe he wouldn't have so much trouble if he didn't prejudge bands based solely on their name. He's probably missing out on a lot of good death metal from hardcore bands called Dewy Meadow or The Fluffy Bunnies.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brian/red_tree2.jpg brian

True. Though in his defense, he was right about Vampire Weekend.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

I thought the same thing

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Kylafornia/l_e9ccc4c123e34f0b9bd670c6d4cb1e6a.jpg Kylafornia

Is this the rock n roll version of when old rappers beef with those who wear tight jeans?

Obviously his comments were a bit ignorant, but still kinda funny.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Dipseth/sparkle.jpg Dipseth

Where's Cooper been? Vampires are now child-friendly, and such.

There's nothing wrong with wanting more ballsy rock. It just has nothing to do with Vampire Weekend.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

Oh, so if a band isn't all retarded, animalistic, ignorant, sexist, and downright musically dead, they're wimpy? And what's with the supposed importance of balls and testosterone in music? When I first saw VW on late night I thought they were going to be some Hairspray addicted emo band, but boy was I wrong!
Hey, Alice! Go fcuk yourself!
P.S. I've got more balls than you'll ever have, they're called boobs.


Alice Cooper is Dana Carvey?


Or maybe his right, and all the prepubesent pussy that call themselves rock bands are the bull crap that he believes they are. Try some real rock music; ACDC, Rolling Stones. They'll never die


Dude's talking about balls..maybe he meant all the golfballs he's been swinging at.

Jack Mehoffer

@ Ren - Listen to "Only Women Bleed" then check out the people who have covered it (Tina Turner, Tori Amos, etc). Not only is Alice Cooper not a sexist, but he is considered by many to be somewhat of a feminist. As for your remarks concerning the "retarded, animalistic, ignorant" nature of his music, you should listen to some of his early work. His early albums are extremely well respected among aficionados of avant garde rock, and many would place it among the ranks of Iron Butterfly and The Doors. Also, most of the lyrics on Billion Dollar Babies (for instance) are both clever and well written. As for his later work and stage shows; they have been compared to vaudeville by many esteemed theater critics, which does not lend to the idea that his music is any of the things you said. Ignorance is no excuse for slander.

I think what Cooper is getting at is that our generation doesn't seem to have any sense of history when it comes to our music, and I totally agree. We have no strong ties to - or perhaps even knowledge of, as Ren's comment suggests - the greats that came before us, and if we choose to call what we listen to "rock" (of whatever form), we ought to know what we're paying homage to (I mean, Alice Cooper was one of the first "indie rock" bands of all time... c'mon, Straight Records and all). All that stuff about bands being timid and whiny... well, we've all said stuff like that about bands we don't like. But I totally get what he's saying (especially about Vampire Weekend... ick). Torrent or filestube Easy Action. You won't regret it. Then buy the album if you like it, because *cough* I wouldn't want to condone piracy or anything *fidget*.


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