Alice Cooper Defends Eyrkah Badu’s Right To Nudity

    Erykah Badu recently got charged with disorderly conduct stemming from her stripping down in the video for “Window Seat.” It seemed pretty dumb for her to get charged, and mainly because it seemed like it was person complaining to Dallas police that led to the charges. But should Badu go to court she’s got an unlikely supporter in her corner: legendary rocker Alice Cooper, who defended Badu’s right ot nudity in a recent interview:

    “If you go to the Louvre, all of art is based on naked women. I don’t think it’s anything new to see a naked woman.” 

    Actually, reading that quote again, Cooper might just be being a jerk music video critic. Maybe he’s mad it isn’t a naked alien in the video. But for now, let’s just say he’s in Badu’s corner. As are we all. [Spinner]