Album Sales Down Only 4% In 2012

    While U.S. album sales were down in 2012 versus a slight increase in 2011, the dip was not as severe as many people feared. According to a preliminary report based on Soundscan data, album sales are projected to decrease 4% in 2012. Again, not a good thing, but it’s safe to say the record industry is not dead either with over 300 million albums being sold last year. 

    One area within sales that continues to grow is downloads. In 2012, downloads are projected to increase 6%. With the rise of Spotify and other streaming services, the increase in downloads might be a surprise to some.

    So what do you guys expect in 2013? Another slight decline? A complete collapse? A turnaround? It’s tough to say, but we’re guessing it’ll be more of the same with another small percentage decrease in album sales.  [Digital Music News]