Album of the Day: Showbiz and A.G.

    Out Of Print Hip Hop Week
    Showbiz and A.G. – Runaway Slave
    Another high-level group in hip hop’s history which has their entire catalogue out of print (including their extended crew’s s/t debut, D.I.T.C.), Showbiz and A.G. made this early-nineties classic that’s very much in the Gang Starr tradition. However, even if Showbiz (and an occasional Diamond D) doesn’t live up to Premier’s work, A.G. is a much stronger emcee than Guru, and his work here shows he was hungry and ready to rip shit. It’s amazing to listen to records like this, because even if this is slightly better than most of its contemporaries, there is an inexhaustable amount of music like this from this era: strong beats, hard-hitting rhymes, and great chemistry and unity over the course of the entire record. I hate to be an old man, but in this era where emcees constantly have their eyes on the pop charts, hooks are injected and producers are bought for a track here and there, you rarely hear an album this pure any more. Which explains why Showbiz and A.G. have two records which currently go for over a hundred dollars.