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Album of the Day: Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Record
If you like this record, you are a nerd. There's not much way around it, sorry. But here's the good news, you may be losing the chance to appear in an amp'd mobile ad, but you're gaining the love only a progressive pop band can provide. Like the Beatles, but overblown and without the pesky black-music influences, ELO was geeky even back in 1976, but the passage of time has allowed the politics of music to fall away, and when you really examine A New World Record today, what's left is artfully constructed pop music. What probably makes it the group's easiest record to pick up for the average listener is the lack of proggy thematics that El Dorado cannot overcome (Yes, anyone?). New World Record is simply a shiny, happy chocolate sundae, artfully arranged and topped with butterscotch. Or something. The best known song here is probably "Livin' Things" (although you'll recognize most of them), but here's the first song, "Tightrope." Listen to it and try not to want to hear the rest of the record and geek out just for a little while.
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Album of the Day

yessss! high five! where my wood-paneled walls at

killer time

What's that nerd-crap going to aim at? ANWR is one of the most wonderful albums ever made, not in rock, pop or whatever, but in music history! The new instrumental mixes alone are mindblowing and kick ass like hell! YOU ARE A NERD IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT! Compared to this masterwork of fine crafted musical paintings, almost the whole musical output of today belongs in the trash bin.

Werner Bednarzik jr.

I wholeheartedly agree, and would suggest that my tongue was planted firmly in my cheek as I wrote this.

Matthew Gasteier

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