Alanis Morissette Performs “Basket Case,” Calls Billie Joe ‘Brave’ (Video)

    An interesting follow up to Billie Joe Armstrong’s recent public meltdown (and subsequent rehab check-in): Alanis Morissette steps forward as his #1 supporter.

    Morissette told Billboard she hopes Armstrong–whom she refers to as a “fragile artist”–gets the help he needs, and later calls his emotional collapse “the consequence of a system that kind of set it up for him to fail.”

    “I’ve always been an advocate and supporter of artists and Billie Joe to me–he deserves to be bowed down to.” Morissette also admitted she wouldn’t have been able to achieve the full momentum of Armstrong’s stage ranting, saying “I think he’s braver than I am.”

    As further proof of her loyalty to the Green Day singer, she performed a cover of “Basket Case” on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Tuesday (and again on Wednesday in Pomona, CA as part of her Havoc and Bright Lights tour). She claims they learned the song roughly 10 minutes before they took the stage and isn’t sure if it will be a tour staple (but we can bet if it helps the fragile artist in spirit, she’ll keep it up).

    Watch a video of her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel below: