Alan Sparhawk to Release Solo Album in August

    Apparently Alan Sparhawk  doesnt have enough to keep him busy between his two bandsLow and The Black-Eyed Snakesand, you know, raising a family and all, since hes set to release a solo album this August on Silber Records. Entitled Solo Guitar, the album is (you guessed it) Sparhawk doing nothing but playing guitar.


    More specifically, the disc is made up of improvisations, with all the material being recorded live, with the use of guitar loops and reverb. But what does it sound like you ask? Good question. According to the folks at Silber The disc shows both sides of guitar drone, the aggression of playing a guitar by beating it with a fist & the inherent peacefulness in a heavily reverbed slow crescendo.” Seeing as how that isnt very illuminating though, you might want to figure it out for yourself by checking out How the Weather Comes Over the Central Hillside. Heres the full tracklisting:


    1. How the weather comes over the central hillside
    2. Sagrado Corazon de Jesu (first attempt)
    3. Sagrado Corazon de Jesu (second attempt)
    4. How a freighter comes into the harbor
    5. How the weather hits the freighter…
    6. …in the harbor
    7. How the engine room sounds
    8. Eruption by Eddie Van Halen
    9. How it ends

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