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Alan Moore Releasing 'Unearthing' With Doseone, Mike Patton And Others

"I Wrote Watchmen And Am Therefore More Awesome Than Thou" Alan Moore is set to release a trippy multimedia project this summer: On July 6, Lex will issue Unearthing, a multimedia project that finds Moore reading a story (that will have an accompanying book) while the likes of Doseone of Subtle, Mike Patton, Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite, Zach Hill and others provide the music. The program is about two hours, and will come packaged with a bunch of stuff, like the script, the aforementioned book etc. 


This isn't Moore's only music-related project going right now, though. He's also working on a new Opera about magician John Dee with the Gorillaz. So, you know, dude has his hands full. [P4K]

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Alan Moore
Mike Patton

mike patton and alan moore?? between this, the FNM reunion and Mondo Cane, 2010 can be certified solid so far

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