Alan Moore, Gorillaz No Longer Working On Astronomy Opera

    When Alan Moore, writer of seminal dork texts like Watchmen and From Hell, announced he was working with Gorillaz members Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, we didn’t even mind when he said it would be an opera about Dr. John Dee, the 16th century astronomer. It could have been about the etymology of the word “pancake” and we would’ve checked it out. But alas, our dream of perfect pop culture union was just that, as Moore announced that he’ll no longer be working with them on the project.


    Citing an overloaded work schedule and the lessened pressure of not having an official contract or anything, Moore said he’d written a third of it but that no one else had done any work. That seems like a surprise, as Albarn had said he was researching hermetic magic and philosophical concepts in preparation for the writing. Given that Gorillaz just dropped Plastic Beach a few months ago, you’d think the comic scribe/amateur magician might cut Albarn and Hewlett some slack, but you know what Frodo said… a wizard is never late. HA HA HA! Let’s read comics and cry. [NME]