Alan Braxe Responds To Onstage Peeing Allegations

    One of the more bizarre news pieces in recent memory hit our site yesterday when we wrote about allegations of DJ/producer Alan Braxe peeing on a stage during his set at San Francisco’s DNA Lounge. The club posted a pretty damning statement on their website about the incident, including a claim that Braxe has a bladder control problem.

    Seeing how it’s 2011 and news moves quickly, Braxe learned about the allegations and responded in kind on his label’s website, Vulture Music. You can read it below. It’s pretty funny, even if it sucks that Braxe has this associated with his name now.  [P4K]

        I DID NOT and WOULD NOT ever urinate on or damage a venue’s or anybody else’s property. The accusation of a “bladder problem” is also false, and offensive!

        These lies have been fabricated, twisted and spread by somebody at the venue in order to generate extra interest in that space, in what appears to be a very inappropriate PR stunt.

        This personal attack on my nature and artistic image is distasteful, hurtful and it is something that I will be taking very seriously.

        Apart from this unpleasant gossip, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to play again in the U.S. and Canada and want to sincerely thank everybody who came to the shows and made them such fun and successful nights.

        I also want to thank all the promoters for inviting me and Jeffrey Paradise and his team for a great night in SF.

        I’m really looking forward to returning to San Francisco in the future and I wish you all the best over the holiday season.


        Kindest regards,

        Alan Braxe