Al Pacino Will Get Inspired By John Lennon In ‘Imagine’

    Al Pacino has played a lot of iconic roles throughout his long and storied career. The most famous is probably Michael Corleone, scion of the New York crime family that’s front and center in The Godfather trilogy. He’s also originated parts like Tony Montana in Scarface, as well as random characters like Lucifer in The Devil’s Advocate or bank robber Sonny in Dog Day Afternoon

    His next role seems to be one that’s defined more by an iconic figure rather than the character Pacino himself will be playing. According to NME, the talented actor has signed on to star in Imagine

    The movie tells the story of an aging rocker who feels that the creative spark behind his music has gone out. Despite being incredibly wealthy, famous and able to play sold-out shows in front of massive arenas of fans, he has lost touch with what made him want to play in the first place. However, after finding a letter that John Lennon wrote to him when Pacino’s character was 19 years old (and that inspired him to make music in the first place), he sets about reconnecting with the ambition he once had to make truthful music. Julianne Moore and Jeremy Renner are set to co-star, according to the news source.