Akron/Family Apparently Steal Man Is The Bastard’s Logo, Prompts Facebook Flame War

    Beefing with Kings of Leon? That’s fine? Scrapping with Wavves? Who cares? But you don’t want to piss off Man is the Bastard, especially if you’re a band like Akron/Family. I mean, they practically invented Powerviolence.

    So what caused the rift? Well, Akron/Family have been selling a shirt with their unmistakable skull logo right on the front. This has prompted MITB frontman Eric Wood to go on an all-caps blast on the band’s Facebook page. Writing things like ‘FUCK ALL YOUR SHOWS,” and “YOU GUYS ARE GODDAMNED THIEVES AND YOU SUCK. FUCKING LOGO STEALING LOSERS. FUCK YOU !!!!” He’s encouraging his fans to do the same – you really don’t want to piss off a Powerviolence band. Akron/Family has yet to comment, if I were them I’d be in hiding. [Stereogum]

    Akron Family Facebook Comments

    Update: Akron/Family’s Miles Seaton responded to the controversy on the band’s Facebook page with the following message:

    Miles here, and i just want to say clearly that the use of the man is the bastard / bastard noise skull was meant to be a reverent homage to music / art that profound impact on me. And though it’s likely that most of the people who listen to our music likely won’t know the origin of the image, it’s use was far away from “theft” to me. i’m very disheartened that this has been interpreted as a lack of respect. again, it’s quite the contrary. 

    I saw Man is the Bastard in 1995 at the velvet elvis in seattle. having been writing songs and singing in a fairly straight ahead hardcore band in seattle 

    at the time and being 16 – i was not prepared. I had never seen aggressive music played with such disregard for the bounds of genre. the reinvention of bass playing happening on the spot, the references to jazz drumming { (tony williams) strifetime }, the wall of synth brutality, even how everyone looked so different (not all in one “punk” uniform) totally blew my mind. When i approached the bass a year or so later it was with that inspiration that i started to try to define my own style. I could go on and on about it, but i feel like this says what i mean. I’m not very interested in responding individually to all of the comments here, and to be honest, when i disengage a little from my own temper, i am inspired anew by the passionate and heated responses to this situation, so thanks for that!