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Akon Claims Michael Jackson Will Lip-Sync at Comeback Shows

Cancellations, lawsuits and skin cancer rumors have blighted Michael Jackson’s recent attempt to stage a valiant comeback. Jackson’s 50 concerts at the 02 Arena in London are still going ahead despite all these problems, but the news just keeps getting worse, with super producer Akon claiming that the King of Pop is set to lip-sync at the shows.

“Michael singing I’m not so sure about,” said Akon. “He will perform but not sing.” Those hot tickets for the concerts are starting to look decidedly lukewarm, although Akon maintains he will still be attending. “It’s going to be amazing, he said. “I can definitely tell you that. I’m going to have front row tickets. I will have the best tickets in the house and will be so close to the stage you will think that I am on it.”

It’s amazing how quickly the good feeling toward Jackson has soured since the shows were announced. Fans who paid premium prices for tickets are not going to be happy with the alleged lip-syncing, and it seems unlikely that Jackson will be recording any more records with Akon. This sorry tale is bound to have a few more twists and turns before the first show takes place on July 13.


[via Bossip]

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Michael Jackson

Wouldn't seeing Michael Jackson alive be enough? Who cares if he lip synchs?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mburr/Photo 44.jpg mburr

Do you still call it lip syncs when the person's lips are made out of plastic he bought? I guess they are where his lips are supposed to be.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Michael Jackson will never make it to the London stage. He is a disaster waiting to happen and has already postponed shows. The fact that his is lip-syncing proves he has lost the confidence (or talent) to perform and sing live. This is a joke!


Since when has Akon been a reliable source on who does what? LOL He sounds like a chipmunk


how can that be bad news?!what pop stars out there DONT lip sync these days?! why is it such a suprise to everyone?!


I would say: Tabliods are having a hard time trying to blight michael jacksons concerts, but they will not succeed.


lool he DOES resemble a chipmunk. i would love to hear him sing alive, but lipsyncing will leave more room for dancing! besides, its hard to sing and dance at the same time when you move like he does!
anyways, this is regular procedure for tabloids when a famous guy who isnt 100% popular is up to something big.


rip mj ..


FIRST OF ALL AKONS Ignorant CORNY self should not be saying what he will do! What was he trying to increase fame because he knew some juice. Michael is 50 singing and Dancing is not easyy He is a hardworking man who God willing will remain alive for the next 5o yearss because if u do not believe in time then u will live a long period and stay young if ur happy and content of course.. He does not need to tell the entire world about his health and have people fel sorry for him. He is just like you and you and You! Get it together! So what if he cant make it. He BROKE RECORD HE IS THE PRESENT GIFT WE HAVE TODAY. AND I DO APPRECIATE HIM! MY BLACK BROTHER!


hey akon, maybe you aren't where you at right now if not because of MJ. and so as for the other blacks. if MJ did not open those doors for you guys. and hey people, he is MJ. no need for lip-sync. he's the King remember? he can sing live and dance with so much power that makes people love him more and more. we love you so much MJ. you're the only king of pop. <3


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