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Air Announce October 6 Release Date for New Album, <i>Love 2</i>

French electronic pop duo Air have announced plans to release their fifth album, Love 2, on October 6 via EMI. The band have been out of the limelight since the 2007 release of their okay fourth long-player, Pocket Symphony, and apparently in the time since they've built their own studio where they recorded Love 2.


The first single from Love 2, "Do the Joy," is due out on July 7, followed by "Sing Sang Sung" on August 25.


Here's the track list:

01. Do The Joy
02. Love
03. So Light Is Her Footfall
04. Be A Bee
05. Missing The Light Of The Day
06. Tropical Disease
07. Heaven's Light
08. Night Hunter
09. Sing Sang Sung
10. Eat My Beat
11. You Can Tell It To Everybody
12. African Velvet

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