Aesop Rock Launches Art Website, ‘900 Bats’

    Rapper-producer Aesop Rock, who most recently produced Slug and Murs’ third Felt album, apparently isn’t just working on the follow-up to 2007’s very good None Shall Pass. With the help of some of his artistically inclined pals, the Def Jukie has put together 900 Bats — “a creative resource for arts, information, and oddities.” Clicking on the site’s name will take you there to check out some slick art from Aes himself along with Alex Pardee, Alexander Tarrant, Chrissy Piper, Colin Evoy Sebestyen, Coro, DJ Big Wiz, Jeremy Fish, Justin Metros, Kimya Dawson, Nick Flanagan, and Rob Sonic.


    Rock has collaborated with several of those names before in different ways. For example, Jeremy Fish provided the cover art for None Shall Pass. The two also worked together to create Ghosts of the Barbary Coast, a single-track project that you can download for free at the Def Jux store. Rock provided the following words to explain the site’s creation:

    In an effort to supply a sandbox for what I hope proves to be a multifarious and growing mix of contributors, I, with the help of Alex Tarrant and Justin Metros, have created Original writing, photography, artwork, audio, and video content from varying sources will be posted regularly.


    Check out the “Fireworks are Illegal” video below. It features a beat by Aesop Rock and visuals by Alex Tarrant and Justin Metros.