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Aerosmith To Tour With Steven Tyler This Summer

Aerosmith To Tour With Steven Tyler This Summer

It's probably time to start talking about whether or not the whole "Steven Tyler is leaving Aerosmith" thing was a publicity stunt, since the band just announced yesterday that they are going to be touring with Tyler this summer on a lengthy tour. The band is claiming it's a "regrouping tour," whatever the hell that means, and it'll take place in Europe at first, with eventual U.S. dates likely. It's also got a pretty stupid name--Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock--that someone has probably been just waiting to use for like eight minutes.


So, I guess story averted! Steven Tyler=Still part of Aerosmith. As if you cared. Whatevz, am I right? [Spinner]   

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Holy freaky picture Batman!

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Is that photo on the poster for the Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock tour?

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