Aerosmith Not Even Trying Anymore: Announce Their Own Lottery Tickets

    Look, Aerosmith were never bastions of credibility and artistic integrity; their guitarist still tries to act like Jimmie Page. But here’s the latest in a long line of questionable decisions: Aerosmith have announced a lottery game for fans to win backstage passes, a lot of money to spend on concessions, and front-row seats. In each city that will have a Aerosmith concert this summer, GTECH, a lottery game company, will release games based on Aerosmith songs like “Dream On.” You know, because convincing fans they’re getting their money worth at shows isn’t enough; you have to convince them to spend money at the mere chance of seeing you up close.


    Aerosmith are the first band to have a lottery game based on them, and while they would seem like perhaps the only band willing to do it, EMI recently signed a deal with a different lottery company to start manufacturing games based on other acts. Expect a Duffy lottery game soon, folks. [Billboard]