Aerosmith Not Breaking Up, Steven Tyler Just Partying Hard with Pineapple Heir

    The are they or aren’t they Aerosmith break-up saga took another turn this morning, when drummer Joey Kramer was interviewed on WPLR about Joe Perry’s comments about the band breaking up, claiming that the band is still together.

    WPLR: Is Steven Tyler in the band?
    Kramer: “Well, my partners have been misquoted and their comments have been taken out of context. I’m not going to make a statement about that on the radio. I’m going to make a statement about it in person.” WPLR: So the band did not break up?

    Kramer: “No, the band didn’t break up.”

    WPLR: The band is together

    Kramer: “Yup”

    WPLR: The band is like a marriage and sometimes you are in different rooms and need some space.

    Kramer: “That is correct. You got it. We’ve gone through a lot of stuff together. It’s been a 40-year marriage.”

    I’m not sure what could be “misconstrued” about saying Steven Tyler is no longer in the band. According to Showbiz411, the reason for animosity between the band (at least Joe Perry) and Tyler is that Tyler has been back to his old partying ways, getting crazy with his girlfriend Erin Brady and new best pal, Justin Murdock, the 35-year-old heir to the Dole Pineapple fortune. This story has everything: misconstrued quotes, playboy heirs, old guys in bands no one cares about anymore and pineapples. [Brave Words via Daily Swarm]