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Aerosmith Not Breaking Up, Steven Tyler Just Partying Hard with Pineapple Heir

The are they or aren't they Aerosmith break-up saga took another turn this morning, when drummer Joey Kramer was interviewed on WPLR about Joe Perry's comments about the band breaking up, claiming that the band is still together.

WPLR: Is Steven Tyler in the band?
Kramer: "Well, my partners have been misquoted and their comments have been taken out of context. I'm not going to make a statement about that on the radio. I'm going to make a statement about it in person." WPLR: So the band did not break up?

Kramer: “No, the band didn’t break up.”

WPLR: The band is together

Kramer: “Yup”

WPLR: The band is like a marriage and sometimes you are in different rooms and need some space.

Kramer: “That is correct. You got it. We’ve gone through a lot of stuff together. It’s been a 40-year marriage.”

I'm not sure what could be "misconstrued" about saying Steven Tyler is no longer in the band. According to Showbiz411, the reason for animosity between the band (at least Joe Perry) and Tyler is that Tyler has been back to his old partying ways, getting crazy with his girlfriend Erin Brady and new best pal, Justin Murdock, the 35-year-old heir to the Dole Pineapple fortune. This story has everything: misconstrued quotes, playboy heirs, old guys in bands no one cares about anymore and pineapples. [Brave Words via Daily Swarm]

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Randy Flick

I saw Aerosmith with opener act The Paul Collins Beat in 1981. This version of Aerosmith was more or less the “Steven Tyler” Aerosmith because the original guitar players Brad Whitford and Joe Perry were subbed by Rick Dufay and Jimmy Crespo. I believe Joe Perry was doing his own solo thing with The Joe Perry Project. During that concert, I honestly enjoyed The Paul Collins Beat and their guitar player more than that half-baked version of Aerosmith, mainly because guitarist Joe Perry was nowhere to be found. Regardless, this concert showed me how important Steven Tyler is to the band, just as Steven Tyler is neccessary. His vocals are a HUGE party of the equation. Take away Steven Tyler’s voice and it’s hard to say if the music would be the same. Boston was able to replace their lead singer after he passed away a few years ago. Journey has again replaced their singer a few times, most recently with a much younger man who sounds alot like Steve Perry on all the songs. Nonetheless, the best solution may be for Aerosmith to go on hiatus until Steven Tyler can complete an effective rehab program which could last up to a year or more.

Raymond Murphy

I think think that those guys are too old to be trying to replace one of their members. No Steven Tyler no Aerosmith. his voice is the sound of aerosmith


i totally aggree with tony


There can't be Aerosmith without Steven Tyler

Josh T.

So...what about the view of a fan of more than 30 years? I am 46 now and i grew up in the Aerosmith Neigborhood Boston, Cape Cod, Marshfield...yeah...they were our Home Band. I was sure Aerosmith was not the American Rolling Stones but rather the American Led Zeppelin. What happended to Aerosmith is quite simple...Joe Perry turns out to be the moving Rocking factor along with the other great Musicians such as Brad, Joey and Tom...but...Aerosmith is an Institution and not a Band. Steven lost Track of what he should really do. This is due to pressure from the Music Industry, the money greed, the fact that Steven does not want to grow up and keep Rockin but spends more time at beauty pagents and plastic surgery. Sad but true. That is the fact. It is hard to keep up when you go down. Overproduced records, simple and empty lyrics and the need for help of external songwriters is not the answer. Aerosmith should get back into the Roots of where Perry is going and I USED TO BE ALL TYLER!!!!!!!!!
I am deeply disappointed and i have now seen Joe Perrys new outfit...he simply does not need Tyler!


In this world, they're two kinds of classic rock bands. Timeless(aerosmith) and washups, who have passed their prime, and should hang up the coat( rolling stones/eagles). Timeless is to be successful through years of active touring/recording.. Aerosmith is an amazing band. I seen them 3 years ago. Steven Tyler is one of the most amazing singers I've ever seen. From the moment they opened the show till the encore, his vocals remained crystal clear, didn't get raspy at all. I was impressed! Let's face it, if Tyler walks out the door, so does aerosmiths future.

Michael manhatten

Dude youre a loser if youre gonna call the stones and the eagles washups. Yeah they may be past their prime, but you can't deny a great band rights to play. The stones should stop performing but they are in no way washups. And have you heard Don Henley's voice, still pristine (and he's got a lot wider range than Steven Tyler). But yeah, no Tyler no Aerosmith, I can agree with that much

Chuck SLO

Steve you got to keep it toghether,i've known you gues since i was ten and i' m 45,keep it togethether, and i'm serious!!!!!!!!!


I wonder how Steven Tyler's gonna find time to stick with Aerosmith -and- record a rap album???

"On March 26, 2010, it was reported that Steven Tyler, intrigued by the 2009 Chris Cornell record Scream, would be teaming up with Timbaland to record a rap album. Guest appearances by Reverend Run and Darryl Mac of Run-D.M.C., Kid Rock, and T-Pain are rumored to be featured on the new project."

Aero Force One

Steven Tyler! Timbaland! T-PAIN!!! I love it!

Boston Pump

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