Adult Swim Releases Metal Comp Featuring Boris, Torche, Pelican, Isis

    Aside from offering a slew of trippy-as-hell, better-when-intoxicated TV shows, Adult Swim loves to give out free music. At least, it certainly seems that way, what with the recently offered ATL RMX, among a number of other free compilations. Considering their previous releases have been in the realm of underground hip-hop, electronic, and indie rock, this one is a slight curve ball.


    And it’s only a slight one seeing how one of Adult Swim’s best shows is dedicated to metal music — I’m obviously talking about Metalocalypse. As such, here we have Metal Swim, a collection of 16 unreleased tracks from some of the genre’s best names. That means never-before-heard cuts from the likes of Boris, Isis, Torche, Jesu, Kylesa, and Black Tusk. Yeah, this is something serious right here that’s sure to cause some neck pain to many of our readers over the next week.


    You can download the compilation at the Metal Swim site.