Adele’s Record Label Doesn’t Expect Her To Release Another Album “For Some Years.”

    Though Adele’s 2011 album, 21, was one of the most popular albums in the world last year, her record label, XL Recordings, does not expect her to release a follow-up “for some years.”

    While speaking to The New York Times, a representative from XL said, “The next Adele album may not come for some years, and it’s impossible to predict its likely sales. We therefore regard this year’s figures as exceptional.”

    And rightfully so. The label revealed that it made £41m in profit last year from her album alone, having sold 10 million copies in the UK. With the record profits, XL’s head honcho Richard Russell received an £8.5m dividend and Martin Mills, chief of parent company Beggars Banquet, received a similar amount. The label’s bank account swelled from £3m to £32m…in a mere 12 months!

    With all this success, it’s surprising they’re not hyping up a follow-up, but then again, they’ve got themselves a big cushion now. [NME]