Adele’s Co-Writer Working On Lana Del Rey & Azealia Banks Collaboration

    Some folks know Ryan Tedder as the frontman for OneRepublic while others know him as the songwriter/co-writer for the likes of Adele and Beyonce. But soon enough, we’ll also know him for another feat: penning a collaboration between Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks. According to Billboard, Tedder pretty much revealed that that track is in the works during an interview at the Grammy Awards last night. While he wouldn’t say when we’ll be hearing the tune, he did say this:

    “I’ve been canceling a lot of more expected writing sessions to do stuff that just freaks me out that I thinks cool. Azealia Banks scares me. Lana Del Rey scares me a little bit. Not in a bad way.”

    Given the success he had with co-writing Adele’s 21, is this going to just make dude that much richer? Probably. I just hope the track is ill.