Adele’s ’21’ The Biggest Selling Album In Seven Years

    It’s no surprise to anyone that Adele’s 21 was by far the biggest selling album in 2011. According to a new report by Billboard, the album has shifted 5.28 million copies so far this year, which is more than double the 2.03 million figures the second place album, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, achieved.

    21 is currently no. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, just behind Michael Buble’s Christmas album—the imaginatively titled Christmas. But even the sales juggernaut that is Buble is unlikely to make much of a dent in Adele’s record, as Billboard is also reporting that her record is the biggest selling album in seven years. 

    You have to go back to Usher’s Confessions, which shipped 8 million copies back in 2004, to find an album that bested Adele’s total from this year. And that was back when albums were considerably less threatened by the deluge of illegal downloads. Expect Adele’s success to continue well into 2012, with a potential follow-up possibly due in 2013