Adele’s ’21’ Set To Return To The No. 1 Spot Again

    The sales juggernaut that is Adele’s 21 just keeps on plowing through the competition. Lady Gaga used every trick in the book to get her Born This Way to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 a few weeks back, but even that’s not enough to stop Adele clawing back to the top. Gigwise is reporting that the singer is likely to be the best selling album artist again next week, ultimately ending Gaga’s paltry two-week stint at the head of the queue.


    In an era of low sales and widespread piracy 21 is fast becoming a phenomenon, and it proves once again that skewing toward an older demographic will make you big bucks. Meanwhile, in Adele’s native U.K., those pesky upstarts the Arctic Monkeys are set to hit the top spot with Suck It and See, although don’t bet on her usurping them in the not-too distant future.