Adam Sandler Popular Among Redbox Users

    Now that video stores are practically obsolete, one of the only ways to rent a DVD is through Redbox. Those boxes sit at the end of the grocery store check-out, tempting you with their inexpensiveness and ease. Believe it or not, Redbox is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and they’ve announced the top ten Redbox rentals of all time.

    Film School Rejects has the full list. One of the first things which jump out is the fact that all of the movies were released in the past few years, despite the fact that Redbox has been around since 2002. This is probably due to the recent disappearance of actual video stores, forcing DVD lovers to use rental boxes.

    But the most noteworthy aspect of the list is the fact that four out of the ten movies star Adam Sandler. The actor not only holds the #1 spot with Just Go With It, co-starring Jennifer Aniston; he also holds three other spots, for Grown Ups (#3), Jack and Jill (#5) and Zookeeper (#8).

    Redbox isn’t exactly known for a large selection of critically acclaimed titles. The boxes feature mostly blockbusters, which often aren’t exactly Oscar-worthy. So is Adam Sandler simply in a lot of low-brow blockbusters, which renters like to watch, or do renters just love Sandler?