Action Bronson Says D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’ Is The Best Album Ever Made

    If you total up his quotable lyrics, any of his interviews on YouTube (particularly this one) or the comedy gold he blesses us with on Twitter (“If U get me to go to a Club and I’m not performing u can bet ur bottom dollar I’m Freakin the Shit outta girls on the dance floor”), you can pretty much confirm that Action Bronson is the funniest man in hip-hop right now.

    Bam Bam brought the laughs to Ottowa recently–a show he dubbed his favorite performance so far–and Envy Magazine had the chance to catch up with the butterball MC. Couch-ridden, with a joint in hand, Bronson hinted that his upcoming Rare Chandeliers project with The Alchemist might drop later this month, predicted a life in the kitchen if it weren’t for rap, and approved of Snoop Dogg’s recent name change.

    Oh, and he also called D’Angelo’s 2000 LP, Voodoo, the “best album ever made.” It’s the soundtrack to his plane journeys, apparently. Check out the full interview below.