Action Bronson Harassed For Lighting Joint In Portland

    Security and venue staff beware, you do not want to get into an altercation with Action Bronson. This past week the New York City artist was performing at the Roseland Theater in Portland when he was confronted by a security guard for lighting a joint. The guard attempted to put the chef turned rapper in a headlock which was a poor choice. Bronson proceeded to shove the security guard off the stage to the delight of the crowd.

    If you are familiar with the up-and-coming rapper you know he is an avid marijuana smoker and that he is a no nonsense type. He openly smokes during his performances and has been known to body slam any fan who gets out of line during his shows.

    Portland is a city that is stereotypically laxed on their marijuana enforcement. That was certainly not the case with one security guard working the night of Bronson’s show. Watch the altercation below.