AC/DC kicks punk fans in the balls via satellite

    ReadJunk, the site for "music and movie news for punks," is more pissed than a pig in lipstick over XM Satellite Radio’s move to temporarily replace its Fungus 53 punk and hardcore platform with AC/DC Radio, a 24-7 "micro-channel" devoted to the veteran Australian rock act and the promotion of its new album Black Ice. Not sure if it’s the Guitar Hero/Rock Band effect or what, but the cash money behind this new AC/DC record is HUGE. (Besides the XM deal, classics and new material from the band have been heard in bumpers during NFL football games.)

    In related hilarity, the Fungus 53 Wikipedia page lists Jan. 15, 2009 as the last day AC/DC will preempt punk on the channel in favor of its drunken spunk. But someone else has added their own passionate, yet perhaps less than educated opinion of the entire move. "Fungus was taken off of the air to make room for some talentless over-the-hill rock act from New Zealand that features some constipated fat guy warbling about his sexual exploits. [sic]" Someone just got thunderstruck. [ReadJunk]