About That Chris Brown Twitter Rant? It Was ‘Unfounded’

    By now everyone has probably heard about Chris Brown’s rant on Twitter where he complained that major retail chains were allegedly blackballing his new CD. (And if you need a refresher, check out Prefix’s post from Saturday.)


    Well, it turns out Brown’s anger was apparently not based on fact. Billboard did some snooping around and is reporting that Brown’s new CD, Grafitti, is, in fact, being stocked. They say the singer’s claims are “unfounded.”


    Billboard surveyed Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Trans World and Newbury Comics and they’re apparently all carrying Brown’s CD. The magazine also reports that sources say the album “received widespread distribution and promotion by his label, Jive Records, and his distributor, Sony Music Entertainment.”


    But it gets worse. They’re also reporting that “Jive may have overshipped his record, as sales are slow.” Oops. Maybe Brown doth protest too much. The head of purchasing at one large chain even claims that not only is he stocking Brown’s disc, but he is “over carrying it, because it isn’t selling.”


    Sources, they say, also project that Brown sold around 100,000 CDs last week, which is less than he was expected to sell. Tantrums didn’t work for Axl Rose either.