ABC Attracts The Most ‘Upscale’ TV Audience

    New statistics say that ABC has the most “upscale” young adult viewers out of the television networks.

    Variety reports that Nielsen’s NAD (National Audience Demographics) stats showed that ABC was number one among adults between 18 and 49 who make a yearly household income of at least $100,000, who are considered managers and professionals, and who have attended at least four years of college.

    This is good news for ABC, since advertisers can charge special rates to show commercials during shows with more upscale viewers.

    ABC had five of the top 15 shows in the $100,000 income category. The clear winner among them was Modern Family, with an 8.8 rating. They also boasted stops for Grey’s Anatomy (5.6 rating), Revenge (4.2 rating), The Middle (3.8 rating) and Once Upon a Time (3.7 rating).

    Some shows lagged in the overall 18-49 category, but that didn’t stop them from having a concentration of upscale young adult viewers. Those shows included Parenthood (NBC), Shark Tank (ABC) and 60 Minutes (CBS). Modern Family was still the highest according to this criteria, and Glee (FOX) came in second.

    The show with viewers boasting the highest median income during premiere week? ABC’s Shark Tank, at $78,600.