Aaron Sorkin Just Joined Twitter

    If you noticed someone tweeting under Aaron Sorkin’s name in the past couple of days and thought it was a fake account, you’re wrong: sharp observers are confirming that Sorkin has in fact created a Twitter account. It’s the social network Hollywood folks can’t resist, including the guy who wrote The Social Network.

    Sorkin has only tweeted twice since October 26: one tweet is a picture of himself holding a copy of the New York Times while posing in front of a poster for The West Wing, and the other is a plea sent to West Wing actor Richard Schiff, apparently for an in-demand rendition of the West Wing theme song sung by Alexandra Silber: “@richard_schiff: Other than 18 hrs/day for 7 years I’ve never asked for anything. I want the A. Silber cover. #TWWSong @alsilbs.”

    Of course, this info is all from The Hollywood Reporter—looks like Mr. Sorkin protected his tweets, so this writer is waiting desperately for his approval. In the meantime, let’s dream of an Aaron Sorkin Twitter feed comprised of nothing but lines like “Tell the press, don’t tell the press, it’s entirely up to you,” “I’m really quite something,” and “You bet your ass.”