A Tribe Called Quest Documentary, ‘Beats Rhymes & Life,’ Picked Up By Sony Pictures

    The news that Sony Pictures has apparently picked up Michael Rapaport’s A Tribe Called Quest documentary, Beats Rhymes & Life, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. When it debuted at Sundance earlier this year, it was met with rave reviews and even drove Tribe’s Phife Dawg to tears.


    The film also met much opposition from Q-Tip, who no longer supports the project. He even tweeted at Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson yesterday following the Sony announcement. It was a short but effective statement that simply read, “bullshit.” We will keep you updated on more information surrounding the release of Beats Rhymes & Life. Rapaport had the following to say about the news:

    “As a first time filmmaker to have the support of SPC is like being signed by the New York Yankees. Telling this story was not only a labor of love, but also the most fulfilling accomplishment of my career.”

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