A Taste Of New Daft Punk Music in ‘Tron Legacy’ Trailer



    Buckle your light cycle, because Tron Legacy looks like it’s going to be a wild ride. Ever since Walt Disney Pictures announced that the sequel to 1982’s sci-fi cult hit Tron will appear in theaters at the end of 2010, blogs have overwhelmingly embraced any news having to do with the film. One of the reasons for the hype is that Daft Punk will allegedly score the film. At the 2009 Comic-Con, it was revealed that the French electronic music duo composed 24 tracks for Tron Legacy. A slew of MP3s claiming to be “new Daft Punk music from Tron!” have been debunked as fakes, but this trailer gives fans of Tron and Daft Punk a glimpse and sound bite. 


    From the trailer, the film looks like it will be a combination of the new Star Trek and The Dark Knight in plot and aesthetic: Boy with motorcycle rides mischievously around an ominous city to retrace his lost father’s footsteps. However, the suspense gets amped up a notch when snippets of action enter into the frame and Daft Punk’s signature synth sounds pump the adrenaline. This is definitely an early contender for best trailer of 2010, if such an Oscar category is added. (And it should be.)