A Study Reveals The Top 10 Most Annoying Sounds

    There are certain noises that make people cringe, but have you ever wondered what truly are the most annoying sounds to the human ears? Well, a new scientific study published in the Journal of Neuroscience has the answers for you. Researchers found the part of the brain that regulates emotions (the amygdala) seems to take over the hearing part of the brain when bombarded with an irritating noise.

    Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, researchers looked at brain activity in 13 healthy volunteers while they listened to a range of 74 different sounds. The participants rated each sound from most unpleasant to pleasant. Below are the top 10 most annoying sounds, according to this study. [KROQ]

    10. Electric drill

    9. Baby crying

    8. Squealing brakes on a bicycle

    7. Disc grinder

    6. Female scream

    5. Nails on a blackboard

    4. Ruler on a bottle

    3. Chalk on a blackboard

    2. Fork on a glass

    1. Knife on a bottle