A Stained Pair Of Elvis Presley’s Underwear To Go Up For Auction Next Month

    A stained pair of Elvis Presley’s underwear will be go up for auction in Manchester, England, next month, according to NME. The light-blue briefs were worn by the King during a performance in 1977 — the same year Presley died at the age of 42 — and haven’t been washed since. The stain in question is a “suspicious yellow” one “on the front of the crotch.”

    BBC News is estimating the briefs will sell for roughly £10,000 ($12,503) at the Presley-centric auction on September 8. Additionally, an Elvis-annotated Bible is expected for go for £25,000 ($31,250).

    So, uh, question of the day: is it weirder that the underpants are being sold, or that they were preserved this long? Also, I know you have a joke in mind about all this, so please leave it in the comments section.